Sunday, October 16, 2005

more bugs

spiders creep me out pretty bad. I've been working on cleaning and painting my garage and putting epoxy on the floor. I will post some before and after pics here soon. However, this post is about all the gross stuff that was living in my garage. While dusting out all the cobwebs, I must've hit a little nest of baby spiders or something because these little red spider looking bastards fell on me and bit me a few times. They were tiny but I could feel where they bit me for a long time. It kinda burned and then itched after awhile. As I continued the cleanup effort, I saw a pretty creepy looking spider come up from the floor between the concrete of the floor and the concrete of the poured wall. I remember reading or hearing one time that if a bug isn't camoflauged it's because it's poisonous. Well this spider was just dingy brown all over except its abdomen was bright white. I smashed it because I thought it was a brown recluse and I didn't feel like having big chunks of my flesh die from his bite. I think after doing a little research though that it was a woodlouse spider. He looked like this.

The next night after that we had this insane midge invasion. The entire front of my house was covered with them. They were talking about them on the news but the worst was my garage. The ceiling in my garage is white but when the midges came there were so many it was basically black. I fog bombed them and woke up to this in the morning.

today was the final day of painting and for the most part the garage was free of bugs and general grossness but as I was finishing painting one wall I looked down and saw this.

That big hairy ugly bastard is a wolf spider. It's called that because it eats small children. Maybe not but jesus christ enough with the bugs. ehkkk. I can't tell you how many times during this crap I've brushed against an inanimate object and totally freaked out swatting at it.

I think if you click on the pictures you can see the full size images. The first spider picture is one I found on the internet because I squished him before I could get a picture. The other 2 pics are ones I took. I got pretty close to that wolf spider to take that picture. Close enough that I can't really sleep right now.


Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Did you ever see "Arachnaphobia"? Man, spiders never bugged me much until I saw that movie.

And wolfe spiders don't eat kids, they stick their hollowed teeth in and suck the juices out of them. Spiders don't have teeth.

heather said...

eeeewwwww, grooooosssss... ugh - I can't believe I fell into the trap of not being able to scroll past all the bug talk. And the pics... makes me want to go out and buy every type of bug bomb on the market, except I would be a bit scared with the results - I think.... STOP THINKING ABOUT ALL THE BUGS.... uuuughh

danielle said...

holy shit. i have wolves living in my basement. when dan told me that i was living in the country now, he wasn't kidding. but take comfort in these words of big don wisdom; 'those spiders have been living there for a really long time IN THE WILD since it used to be deep woods so they're obviously gonna be pretty gigantic by now.' um... thanks for the warm, comforting words. i can't go to my basement anymore because i feel like they're on me.

Sarah said...

Danielle, they are on you.

JP, seriously wtf is up with your garage. I'm never hanging out in there again even when you are finished making the dance floor.

Beck said...


I had one of those creepy woodlouse spiders show up in my baby's room when we were painting it before she was crawled out of her crib that had been stored in our garage. Needless to say, she's 3 months old now and still sleeping in our bed because I don't want her to get eaten. The thing was F#$@ing SHELOB! And my Father-in-law squished it...WITH HIS M-F-ING HANDS!!!

Don't ever post spider pictures without a warning. EVER! You hear me?!

Melanie was here said...

John - I love you and all, but I don't think I can come to your house. Ever. Those spiders are making my skin crawl.

And you have to know that a bigger one witnessed you killing it's little brother and is now stalking you. Man, that's some bad mojo.

slcup said...

Becky swore. That's totally a dear diary moment. Oh, and enough with the spiders. I had to get out of my shower, all shampooing and nekkid to kill one that was on my ceiling. Bastard.

John said...

Beck I would've totally stopped posting spider pictures just for you until SLCUPS had to start talking about being all lathered up and nekkid and killing them. I'm torn now. I gotta go try to develop a spider cam for SLC's house now.

John said...

and Mel, maybe you don't realize that I am a spider/bee killing machine.

LizzieDaisy said...

Remote control spiders with a cam... that's brilliant. Totally sounds like something my hub would do. You scare the shit outa me. Stay in Ohio. You are not welcome in my state. You or your creepy spider friends.


I'll never sleep tonight. I knew I shoulda stayed on my own blog. Phooey.