Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The BFL "After" Pics and an Explanation

Several people complimented me on my orange picture and like a total douchebag I thought everyone was making fun of me. However, I'm not normally one of those people who can't take a compliment. It was just a weird combination of things that caused me to be a little self conscious. See, when I was peeling the orange and took that final picture I immediately checked it on the camera to see if I looked like an a-hole. In fact I did, so I decided to take 4 additional pictures to try to get a better one all of which were worse. So before anyone even made a comment I was already in the mindset that I looked like a total douche, however in my defense it didn't keep me from posting the picture. Anyway as a thanks for the compliments, here for your enjoyment are the other 4 pictures of me celebrating my victory over the orange. I couldn't make up my mind whether to try to convey surprise or joy so you end up with these.

Part II
the after pictures
For your additional enjoyment here are the "after" photos from the first 12 weeks of BFL or the "before" pictures for my next 12 weeks. It's your choice.

Round 2 BFL starts next Monday May 1st. Who's with us? So far it's me, Virgil and OKS Sarah doing a light version.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Okay Seriously Sarah's life was apparantly changed when I taught her how to peel an orange. Here's a step by step photo how to.

1. Start with a Sunkist naval orange.

2. With the stem end towards the ceiling, make a latitudinal cut around the North Pole with a sharp paring knife or a swiss army pocket knife.

3. Invert the orange so that the naval end is towards the ceiling and repeat.

4. Now make 3 longitudinal cuts 120 degrees apart connecting the first 2 cuts. (on a large orange you might want to make 4 cuts 90 degrees apart)

5. Pop off the skin on the naval end, sometimes this will also include a little mini orange growing in the naval end.

6. This is the magic moment. If you peel off the stem end carefully the entire center crap comes with it.

7. Now peel the 3 remaining pieces.

8. The orange and the peel.

9. The empty orange skin I tried to fool my kid with.

10. Celebrate your victory over the orange.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Home Stretch

Well folks, I'm nearing the final sprint of my 12 week Body for Life marathon. Today marks the 71st day of the 84 day program. I've reached a sort of mental fitness/illness where I actually sort of want to or need to exercise everyday. On my "off" day this weekend I biked 22 miles (18 on my new road bike with Iron Mike and 2 more with each of my kids in the seat on the back of my mountain bike) and also ran 2 miles. For the weekend as a whole I biked 30 miles and ran 4.

Here's a progress report for the beginning of week 10 of 12.

Start date January 23rd:
Weight 197 lbs
Pushups 25
Mile 9:40
6 Rep Bench Press 144 lbs

Today April 4th:
Weight 183 lbs
Pushups 41
Mile 7:45
6 Rep Bench Press 188 lbs

When I started I also snored like a chainsaw when I slept. I will double check with my wife but I don't think I snore much at all anymore. I've followed the plan very closely having not missed a single days workout to this point and adhering to the food plan with very few rule infractions usually coming on the morning following an "off day."

While the numbers don't really seem all that impressive, the one that really sticks out for me is the bench. When I started I benched 50lbs less than my weight for the 6 rep set, currently I bench 5 lbs more than my weight for the same number of reps. My arms have definitely improved the most from an aesthetic perspective. I still have a pretty good spare tire going but I have gone from wearing a pretty tight size 36 pants to a comfortable if not loose size 34.

The after photos are coming soon. I know everyone wants to see if the manboobs survived their toughest assault to date. I have to say their survival appears imminent at this point.

-Your friend,
Shoddy For Life