Monday, April 16, 2007

Ah Christ

Now we have to listen to the glorification of some effing douche for 3 weeks. I'm sure Scott will be dragged out of hibernation by this effing disaster. I have 3 observations.
  • NBC will have 23 news programs in a row that cover "The Massacre at Virginia Tech"
  • The phrase "The Largest Single Act of Gun Violence in US History" will only make some other effing pussy go out and try to shoot more people.
  • Imus doesn't seem newsworthy now, nor does his "crime" seem even worth mentioning.

Goddammit I don't want to have to hear about this piece of shit for the next 10 days. God I hate our effing shitty media coverage of every piece of shit thing that happens in our country.

Son of a bitch. I'm sorry about the people that died at Virginia Tech but NBC might as well apologize for the next shooting spree that's inevitable because of their shitty glorified coverage.

Fuck the "Largest single act of gun violence in US history" The media in our country continuously commits the largest single act of conscious fucking stupidity every time something bad happens. Effing a-holes.

Here's how the story should be told by every single media outlet.

"Nameless, faceless pussy shoots several random people instead of dealing with anger like a reasonable person." - BLACKSBURG, Va. - Some douche shot a lot of random people today probably because that person couldn't handle being broken up with. Every person we inteviewed who knew the assailant agreed that this person seemed like the kind of douche that would just snap one day and shoot a bunch of people. You can add this person to the list of other nameless faceless morons that did similar things previously each one less notable than the previous.