Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Wednesday in FLA

People continued.

So at Shamus's request I will now add to my list of 'Spherians

Carpal Tussle Russel:
This kid can't be more than 15 and he's sitting to my right (1 mm to my right). Apparently he's either posessed or he's been given exercises by his Dr. to help with his carpal tunnel. The exercises appear to be some sort of self struggle hence Carpal Tussle Russel. Whatever he's trying to accomplish, he's chosen the most ridiculously inappropriate time to perform the exercises. First it's the lift up push down where he just turns his left hand (my side) from palm up to palm down about 100 times. Then he does paint the fence only this douche paints sideways. He does about 50 paint the fences before I start some routine with my right leg. toes up toes down knees up knees down. it didn't stop him but I felt better.


Sarah said...

Um, just FYI, paint the fence sideways is paint the house.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

The funniest thing is the look on John's face when he talks about this guy, since not only was he a weirdo, but he invaded John's personal space. The only way it could have gotten worse is if he tried to make a grab for John's privvies while he was distracted by the hypnotic hand movements.

Anonymous said...

You might be the most clever person I've ever encountered from Ohio. Unfortunately for you that makes you about half as clever as anyone else from any state not named West Virgina, Wisconsin, or North Dakota (actually either Dakota).

May the lord have mercy on you soul.

Erik with a K said...

What the Eff? Oh my god, I'm not even from here and I'll punch you in the face for that comment. And when a New Yorker punches you in the face, it hurts...and you usually get some kind of bacterial infection that requires hospitalization.

Bring it, bizzatch!

danielle said...

at first i didn't really believe that he was performing strange warm-ups in your personal space, but then it became painfully obvious, so now i'm just sad that i couldn't have been present for you sitting beside your ctr.

and i don't really think the anonymous commentary from above came from a person who knows just how hard the people from ohio can karate chop an anonymous perpetrator in the neck. we're frickin' freezin up here and we'll bring our bleek mid-winter wrath all up on u.

Catching up said...

Right on the money, anonymous. I'm from Ohio (moved when I was two to the great State of NY) and I was therefore saved from being a dumb Ohioan. What a relief!

John said...

Not really. If you're born in Ohio and move to NY it makes you an even bigger jackass.