Thursday, January 27, 2005

Thursday in FLA

I figured out you can get on the internet while you're in the actual sessions. Leah had to explain it to me. Apparently there's like this wireless internet access. Everyday I like to play a game on the bus ride in to the conference. It's not a different game everyday but it changes a bit everyday. The title of this game is called "What smells like ass?" You might think that it's pretty obvious what the answer is every morning but I believe the source is always different. Here are some ideas I had each morning as to the origination of the odor although I never confirmed them.

1. Drank too much at opening party, puked, thought none got on me, wore same shirt and pants Monday to conference. Note to guy one, the chunks on your shirt are not 'flair' from vendors

2. I'm from a country where showering is considered wasteful. I know that I can cover the odor with cologne. Note to guy #2, you smell like asscologne

3. Two possibilities. a.) I'm guy 1 and I'm still in the same clothes because that's all I brought. or b.) I'm from this country where people do shower regularly but I'm too large to reach all the way back to my ass to wash it with any consistency.

4. Obviously the guys from above aren't smelling good at this point but on day 4 there's special forces working against most of us. We've been sitting in the same chairs with 1-3 all week so now there's concern that it might be you. I checked though it's not. Seriously though everyone smells bad now so there's no point in playing the game. Today's game it just try not to die on the way in. Should have brought a mask.

I still have a few other spheriod types to share but that's for another post.


danielle said...

actually, this might be a breakthrough. i can always smell ass and you can always smell ass. so we do the due diligence to rule ourselves out of the root of the ass. but we still keep smelling ass. maybe it is us. maybe we do actually smell like ass, or, everyone else smells like ass and we don't. and since i didn't say ass enough thus far, ass. ass.

Sarah said...

My car started smelling like ass yesterday. Can one of you figure that out? Thanks.

Brian said...

First, you stole my topic about the smelly forieners.
Second, maybe it's a user problem. Similar to the 'my beer smells like ass' trick. Unlikely, but just a thought. Probably more likely in my case.