Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday in FLA

I don't have much time before my first real session but let me just say a few things I've noticed.

John Cleese = really effing funny
9000 fat white IT dorks + 2 hot chick (one from Key) = Lotusphere
1 open whore of a laptop (mine) + the same 9000 IT dorks from above = unauthorized browsing of my porn

It's cold as eff in Florida too.
There are some other hot girls here. None of them has a clue what Lotusphere is.

I have some sweet pictures but I didn't bring my camera cable with me (it's at the hotel) so photo evidence of this dorkfest will have to wait until tomorrow.

I will be back in my blogging chair at lunchtime. I have a blogging chair now. It's nice.


danielle said...

is john cleese like there with you? tell him to get his damn ass to cle so i can make out with him already.

John said...

Cleese is/was here. I'm not sure if he's still here or not. I had dinner with him and we went over some of my movie ideas. It was a pretty productive session.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

It WAS productive, until you did your "magic rising napkin" trick and he called you "gayer than a frenchman in pantaloons". I sure hope you can contain yourself tonight when we meet with Ray Ozzie.

Sarah said...

OMG-the effing magic rising napkin? Dammit John! You do that everywhere!

John said...

I like to establish a pattern so that if ever I really do get aroused during dinner I can just claim it's the magic rising napkin trick. Only with a really tiny spoon