Friday, January 21, 2005

Mi Dulce Pequeño de los Pantalones

Well I'm heading to Florida this weekend. I plan on taking my camera with me and documenting the tragic level of dork factor that is achieved at an IT conference. I know the camera won't do it justice but I think this could be pure comedic genius. I plan on pretending to be the official photographer for the "web photos" they always post after the conference. My mission is to see what kind of total retardedness I can capture on digital film.

I probably won't have a chance to post again before I leave for Florida so if my plane goes down in a ball of flames, I need you to let people know that this pathetically useless collection of non-funny blog posts really did me justice and captured the essence of me.

As for the conference, I really need a break from my kids but 2 seconds after I get on the plane I will miss them and begin worrying about them until I return. I once told someone this about the anomaly of children. You will never meet anyone you want to kill more or to die less than your children. When they're there driving you insane, all you can think about is how you could really use a break and the second you leave them all you can think about is how amazing they are and how fast they change and how much you love them and miss them. I don't talk about my kids as much as most new dads (some may disagree) but it's not because I don't want to. It's more that I normally don't think people want to hear about them. New parents are annoying. I'm still a new parent. I'm still annoying.

Since this post isn't even remotely funny anyway (in stark contrast to the others) I will finish with a top 10 list of things that are totally sweet in an effort to be 50% less evil for one day in tribute to The New Original.

1. Leah, Kristin and Joshy
2. pizza
3. you
4. pumpkin pie
5. salt and vinegar pringles
6. bux in the am
7. terrible drawings made using microsoft paint
8. sleep
9. music
10. the 4 seasons of Cleveland

and we'll all blog on again


danielle said...

amen brother. amen.

Sarah said...

Hell yeah #5 and #7. I miss your kids, too, and you're not annoying. :)

Erik with a K said...

You did it - a minimum of 50% less evil on this post...and you did it with style.

Have a blast in sunny F-L-A, but stay funny-drunk, not regretful-drunk....So don't accidentally wake up with Goofy or something and by Goofy I mean herpes).

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

That's funny because I'll be there posing as a photographer from "Tiger Beat". I thought that would be a great way to meet the young hipster programmers from Europe who wear funny-looking clothes and speak in weird languages (NOT english).