Wednesday, January 19, 2005

some stuff I guess

Number 1:
Tonight my wife just out of the blue goes "what's with all the sitcoms lately pairing a fat guy with a hot wife?" I think she was implying something but I'm not sure. (see King of Queens, Center of the Universe, According to Jim) I think John Goodman's show gets its name because his manboobs are getting as big as the Sun.

Number 2:
On seeing Scott's blog Leah's first words were "why does Scott hate 'God People'" Well I guess my friend Scott really takes issue with "god people." I mean that's probably not the group I'd choose to alienate right out of the gate but maybe that's just me. Especially when you've got these guys just begging for it.

Number 3:
People will click on anything. I mean there are really clever scams out there these days to steal your identity and whatnot but I say this to you Netcriminals, why bother? People are retarded. I mean if it makes you feel better fooling them with cuckoo's eggs and silent web redirection then I guess have at it but really people are such buttdarts that you can just send them a shiny button and say Click Here.

1 comment:

danielle said...

prunty!! i got a virus from you! and don't try to tell me that NAV can fix it either because it's not the computer kind dammit. hey, next time you come near me, i'ma punch you in the pants and you won't ever have to think about having another kid again cuz you'll basically be a woman when i'm done. believe it.