Friday, January 12, 2007

Stories on tap

I got some stories to blog for you guys. I decided to make a list of a handful of these stories and then let you guys vote. Then I will post the story that receives the most votes. Then either I will make a new list and we'll vote again or I'll just go in descending order of votes. Here's the list.

Corn in the tub (thanks to Hugh Janus)
Don't shave your butt (or bleach it)
Let's play guns
Playing football with Mr. Glass
Keithus Christ wins the least splash contest
Sweating to the oldies with Dan and Keith in a half bath

Vote it up bitches.


Johnny Virgil said...

Oh man, let's play guns has my childhood written all over it. that has my vote.

only if it involves bb's and I know it does.

Hugh Janus said...

Let's see, I should vote for one I don't know, or at least don't recall at the moment.

Ones I know (or were a part of) include:
1.Corn in the Tub (although everyone realizes this is somewhat blurry to me via time lapsed, alcohol intake and mental decline as a result of alcohol, etc.)
2.Keithus Christ wins least splash
3.Sweating to the Oldies

The rest. Have I heard them? I don't know. The fact that I'm drunk on wine right now isn't helping. (Okay, the fact that I'm drunk on wine right now? Add that to my gay list. It's alcohol. Sorry we didn't have your fancy gin or vodka on hand. Drunks make due with what they have.)

Mr. Glass Football - I'm not sure of this one.

That leaves guns & ass.

Rather than split the vote with JV, I'll vote with him and say Guns. I've gayed it up enough today to vote for butts, because I assume they are young, supple man butts.

Guns it is.

Johnny Virgil said...

Hugh - good choice. Although I'm not sure whether that helped you butch it up a notch or not. In case not

Beck said...

Corn in the tub! Corn in the tub! Corn in the tub!

danielle said...

i want bleach ass. and, then i want you to tell us about the one on this list.

danielle said...

hughj anus is gay.

Carly said...

Sweating to the oldies with Dan and Keith in a half bath

John said...

I think since people will generally work on Monday and people generally don't read my blog on the weekend I will leave one more day for voting. Right now Guns has it with 2.

Lindystar said...

Ass bleaching, and then corn.
Please and Thank-You.

P.S. You are so going to get some great track backs for this post.

tfg said...

Ass bleaching is a must. It also wouldn't mind reading your story about it.

Sgt said...

They all seem so disturbing...but I think I'll go with "Let's play guns".

slcup said...

1. Corn in the tub.
2. Ass-bleaching
3. Sweatin' to the Oldies
4. Let's play guns.

Diane said...

Ass bleaching obviously.

John said...

Ass Bleaching eeked out guns 4/3. I will probably share both with you.

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Keithus Christ wins the least splash contest!