Saturday, December 02, 2006


BFHX DAY 4 really didn't leave many options and so I thought it might be a letdown. That is until I remembered I had an offsite today with my entire division. That in and of itself would have been enough to keep OKS laughing but then the most amazing thing ever happened. See the lone highlight of the day below to find out what happened.

The profile shot basically yesterday without the L's on the sides and with a much crazier look from Cheesecakehor.

Today I should be gay or marking people off my "list of people I've wronged" while I try to get Karma back on my side.

Highlights of the day:
  • While waiting for the elevator to leave the building to go meet Sarah for lunch, Danielle and I decided to try to avoid the crowd and use the executive elevators. Karma must have been on my side because the CEO, CFO, CIO et al were in the elevator we chose. I asked the CEO if the elevator was going down and then I asked him if it would even take us to the first floor. He said it might but the only way to know was if we got in and pushed the button for the 1st floor, if the light for 1 wouldn't stay lit to get the H out because it was going to take us back up. So we got out because it didn't stay lit and then I said "seems like it should take us down, we know insert_CEO_Name_Here" to which he replies the totally awesome "I AM insert_CEO_Name_Here and it doesn't work for me either"
Goddammit this couldn't have happened on a better day.

Tonight is OKSS's party. Tomorrow is the end. It was fun.


Hugh Janus said...

Without first having read any of the text and scrolling through the various incarnations from full beard to fu manchu, these cravings struck me as I saw each.

1. Full beard - I scratched my own beard stubble in discomfort because any beard growth beyond a day-and-a-half's worth and I turn into a mental patient that's about to snap because I can't take the itchiness any more.

2. "Double Groove" - You say build a chopper - I thought, "Go start a fake/real heavy metal band with other former Saturday Night Live members."

3. "Mutton Chooper V" - I immediately had a craving for Colonial Williamsburg, which I think is completely gay. - No offense to all you gay Civil War buffs out there. (When I later read the text and you referred to the civil war, I laughed my ass off.) The 'V' definitely pushed it to the Gay Civil War. I can picture your platoon all decked out in rainbow uniforms and derbies.

4. "Mutton Manchu" - This is actually the one that made me want to go watch Earl. For some reason the picture with Danielle immediately struck me as "Hey, he looks like Earl," even though he only has sideburns and less of a fu manchu. I think maybe somehow you just look like Jason Lee.

5. Fu Manchu - I wanted to dig out all my old baseball cards and see how many Goose Gossage's I had.

Now, I've got to go shave because all this beard imagery has me itching and I'm pretty close to a ledge.

John said...

awesome my annual comment from the legendary Jew Heinous

Johnny Virgil said...

maybe if you posted more than once a year, you'd get comments more than once a year.....

yeah, yeah. You have a life.

sharda said...

I watched your stache creep out more than one person at the party. It was awesome.

Also thanks for driving my sick and drunken self home on saturday night.

Melanie was here said...

John - where is the final picture?!

John said...

I love you Sharda. I'll drive your drunken self around anytime.

John said...

Melanie, they're up now