Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Yesterday was BFHX day 2 but since I forgot I was not in the office today I took a day off of BFHX since OKS wouldn't get to see it if I changed anything. So luckily I forgot to take a picture yesterday but since it's the same today you get to see DAY 2/3 in all its glory. I call this one the Mutton Chopper V. In the first pic you get the full effect of the straight on frontal, however the real beauty of this guy is in the profile. Even I couldn't look in the mirror today without laughing.

The profile shot.

Today I can either star in a Jane Austen novel made for TV or fight a civil war for you. A good hat for today would have been a derby.

Highlights of today/yesterday:
  • Sarah's reaction obviously
  • the lady in the parking garage trying to hurry unsuccessfully to get the elevator to close before I could get in there with her.
  • Starbucks girl telling me that if I get down to just a mustache I will definitely look like a pedophile and that she would definitely laugh at me if she sees it.
  • My wife saying with disdain/disgust/disbelief "subtle, real subtle."

Not sure what tomorrow will bring besides maybe more sore stomach muscles for Sarah.


Sarah said...

I love the recreation of the Danielle/John shot. Fantastic. OMG seriously I love BFHX. So much.

russ said...

Chipchip and good day, Sir!

Melanie was here said...

I love you. Please run away with me.

slcup said...

God you're sexy.

John said...

I will make out with SLCUPS and Mel right now. Ah what the hell, Russ too. He's a handsome lad.

Carly said...

I think day two was my favorite. It's the v. It works for me.