Tuesday, March 01, 2005

stupid invention

I had to unstaple something today. It's the first time I can remember doing that in like a few years I bet. I was thinking, a staple remover might be nice. Then I thought wtf? How many times must you fuck up when stapling something to actually need a staple remover. I consider the staple to be a semi permanent commitment to binding things. I'm not just willy nilly stapling shit all over the place. If you need a staple remover, you might want to seriously consider switching to paper clips for awhile.


Anonymous said...

I made the switch to paper clips long ago. I don't like semi-binding agreements.

Johnny Virgil said...

OK, your comments section effs with me every time. Can you work it so the comments are BELOW your post instead of above? Get on that.

Alisa said...

Dear John,

So.... if I am a chronic stapler (serial paper stapler actually), does that mean I have committment issues as I can only semi-commit to my papers being bound? Would I be a commitment phobe if I switch over to paperclips? And what about those tiny black clips...any advice on those?

Having Staple Issues in Kansas