Sunday, March 20, 2005

in my search for others whose interest is poop

You know how in a person's profile on Blogger, the things listed under interests are actually hyperlinks to all the people's blogs who have that listed also. Well today I started on a mission to find some retarded shit that people had listed there and I put "harp" in my profile. That led me to a lot of retarded shit but nothing too funny. Then I realized that I could just replace the word harp in the url string and not have to keep changing my profile. So obviously I replaced it with "poop" and happened upon this treasure. It's better than anything I could post for you right now. This is quite possibly the hardest I have ever laughed.

and now.

Janitor Nation


Diane said...

Holy sh*t! That "Mask" entry is hilarious! Horrible and tasteless, but effing funny. I love that movie. Remember how Cher was his mom? What?

John said...

awesome. at least one person went to the janitor nation

Janitor Dan said...

Way more than one. We must have gotten fifty or sixty hits from your referral. Thanks for getting the word out!

PS. Let me know when the "Somebody Pooped My Pants" tees are ready.