Monday, January 10, 2005

Travellog - Immovable object wins

So I know my friends are all up in arms because I'm all about this blogging and I get everyone all fired up in blogarama then I just take 3 days off without notice like a total jerkass. So first of all I apologize. Second I apologize for this entry not being funny because I'm tired as fuck and lastly I'm turning on anonymous comments so the gays can respond without feeling like they're outing themselves.

Life on the road is tough with a couple little whiny punks in your car. I drove 5 hours each way to spend a nice weekend with my parents and my brother and his family at his house. We watched Anchorman while we were there and I have to say I thought nothing could make Anchorman unfunny but my family managed to succeed. It's like when the unstoppable comic force (Will Ferrell) meets the immovable humorless object (my family). The immovable object wins. I actually couldn't watch the whole thing. That's criminal.

What they did find uproariously funny was when my 1yr old son performed his famous choke and puke all over me and my new white t-shirt.

Also apparently the Cornhole Championships were being held this weekend somewhere near Columbus. I saw the sign on the Marriott welcoming the event but I really couldn't wrap my brain around what the hell it all meant. When I finally got home and was able to research it a little, my findings were really almost too goddamned funny to report. Turns out there's an American Cornhole Association. You can contact them here. You can host your own cornhole events, become a member, there's no limit to the fun. Just be sure to follow the rules and regulations of the Cornhole Game Association. I'm just saying. It's so damn perfect a sign to see when you're driving home, it's almost not even worth posting about. It's too easy. It's like knowing the pitch before the pitcher throws it. It takes something away from it.

Anyway, this guy on the tv just said Jesus is coming soon so I gotta go pick up a little.


Sarah said...

Alright that's it. You need to come over and watch "Anchorman" with me. I can't let your family get away with this. You and Leah come over, we'll eat pizza, watch the movie and soil our underwear. It will be good times.

danielle said...

holy eff rachel. i discovered cornhole at the PIB this past summer. the pittsburgh boys in the cabin next door had their own homemade cornhole set and i blasted their asses my first time playing. i was amazingly drunk and got like 7 cornholes in a row. your mean comments are hurtful to us. and by us, i mean total drunk a-holes who throw beanbags filled with corn at a makeshift 2x4 ramp with a little hole in it.

John said...

hehe. you said cornhole and blaster their asses in the same comment. pretty much outshines my whole post in 3 sentences

Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

John, come on, you know you can cornhole with the best of them. BTW, Jesus is coming soon, and he loves Microsoft, so were all screwed!

danielle said...

so is it ok blog etiquette to post a comment on your own blog in response to someone else's asinine comments? if so, i think there's one on scott's that needs to be addressed immediately. you know who you are richard leyland from blog entry #1.

Johnny Virgil said...

I gotta tell ya, I can't say anything about Anchorman, since I haven't seen it yet, but Elf sucked bitter ass. I have higher hopes for Anchorman. I'll let you know.