Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The D.O.O.D.U

I have a lot of inventions. One of which is the inspiration for the name of my blog. However that's not what this post is about. This post is to inform you of the D.O.O.D.U or Distributed Outdoor Odor Displacement Unit. In general it's a central vacuum system for your home or workplace. More specifically it's designed to connect to DOODU Compatible furniture to evacuate odor. Think about it no more dutch ovens when you buy the Serta Perfect Sleeper Doodu enabled mattress. Got an old granparent who's constantly leaking gas? Make sure you seat them in the Ethan Allen Dooducliner with matching Doodu Ottoman. Feet smell? Not when Doodu is working overtime to keep your home smelling fresh. If you have cats, you're an idiot. But you'll be less of an idiot if you get the New Doodu Litterbox. If you have an interest in more information about the Doodu line of products, email me here. When Doodu's around the smell leaves town!

1 comment:

Erik with a K said...

I think I need one at work, do you have any portable models?