Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Working my way back to you

So it's pretty late but I just wanted to say 3 people mentioned my blog and how it hasn't been updated for a long time to me today. Nobody has mentioned it for a long time so I thought maybe I'd come back for a visit. Anyway I read through a few old posts and comments for some historical motivation. Like one of the first 10 posts I ever wrote about Lance snacks had a link to some other guy's website and he didn't seem to appreciate it. Doesn't matter because I'm going to do it again right here in this post. Apparently I had a hyperlink that drove some traffic to his site to see a picture of crazy willie. He didn't take kindly to my "Bandwidth Theft" Regardless I do love the guy's moxie for changing the picture I linked to to this.

I love the internet.
I really am a douche who steals bandwidth and here I am doing it again to you nearly 4 years later.


balex said...
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urban princess said...

You're alive!

Johnny Virgil said...

that's hilarious. Thief!

Melanie was here said...

God I've missed you. I mean, I didn't put my life on hold or anything, but I did kind of put my life on hold. I'm going to get back to it now that I know you're ok. LoLo will be so excited.