Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Listening to Dixie Chicks on a Spongebob Boombox

Hi Guys,

I'm on vacation in North Carolina. I'm in Snead's Ferry on Topsail Island hanging out with the in laws. To most people that maybe doesn't sound like the best thing but my in laws are pretty cool and we're having a great time. Much alcohol has been consumed and I have maybe the greatest farmer tan/sun burn pattern ever seen. I'm going to try to get somebody to take a picture of it tonight and I will try to post it tomorrow. You will enjoy because either you are gay like John Virgil and Scott or you are in love with me like HoKay Seriously, Cheesecakepot, Going on Horty, SLCUPS, Mel and LoLo. I'm having a good time, eating well exercising well and drinking well. I'll see you peeps when I get back to C-Town.

Later dogs,


Johnny Virgil said...

don't fall off the wagon, you gay bastard.

Carly said...

I miss you too, cupcake. (Fruitcake??? how does that essspression go, again?)