Monday, March 28, 2005

how much poop?

I've decided that a normal person has at any given time 3 lbs of poop in them in various states. I have also decided that once this is completely purged, you can store approximately 3 days worth of food/poop before you need to go again.

Using these two observed datum, I therefore hypothesize that a normal person of my weight (roughly 195lbs) eats about 1lb of food per day.

This doesn't count water which is moot since we all know that water is roughly 95% water.


Johnny Virgil said...

I bought some of that dehydrated water once. What a ripoff.

Erik with a K said...

I once pooped a contiguous 96 inches that were a complete bas relief impression of my intestines.

I think that's my record.

I didn't save it though.

John said...

why is my pee so dark now?

John said...

why is my pee so dark now?

Brian said...

Maybe someone can invent a poop cam that for a dollar or so you can take a picture with a polaroid. Every bathroom in the world would need one for just the one time when you either poop the world record or the face of jesus.

danielle said...

it's dark because of all the coffee u drink. i told u that like 100 times.