Saturday, January 15, 2005


Allright so I'm pretty well lit. You shut your mouth. like you never blogged watestd. SO anyway we jsut went to a wine tasting where I hit on the somalier for a little bit until my wife and sister in law(her sister) started giving me shit about it. Anyway she had dark hair and big brown eyes. Anyone that knows me knows I have a type ant that defines it. My wife has dark hair and big brown eyes and so does every girl I ever thought was hot. So sue me. If you want to throw in a medium to big rack, you're a 10 hands down. You got dark hair brown eyes and a rack, you're a 10. Nothing else matters. If you know how to cook a Red Baron frozen pizza for 12 minutes on 375, I really don't care what else you got going on. You could have 11 toes or a third nipple. YOU STILL ROCK!

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